The History of Thieves Oil Blend

The history of the Thieves oil blend is an interesting story. At first when I heard the name I thought, “Why in the world would someone name an oil blend ‘Thieves’?” Here is the story:

thieves essential oil blend

Essential oils come in “singles” or “blends”. Single oils like lemon, peppermint, or lavender are distilled from a single plant. Blends are just that, a blend of different oils for a specific purpose. The oil blend Valor helps people increase their feelings of courage. The Thieves blend was not developed to help people steal, but it does have a good story.

The Plague

Back in the time of the Plague in the 1400s, authorities noticed that thieves were stealing items from the homes of the dead. This puzzled them because everyone that came in contact with someone with the Plague also died. They couldn’t figure out how these thieves were staying alive after being exposed to the Plague. Once caught, the magistrate offered the thieves leniency if they would explain how they were able avoid contracting this deadly disease. It turns out that these thieves were perfumers and spice traders who knew what to use to avoid getting the disease. Hence the name “thieves” was born.

Oils Today

Now in the 21st century, Young Living is helping many homes use thieves oil for many ailments we encounter now. Thieves oil is made with cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils.

There is a complete line of cleaning products related to Thieves oil too. We have used the toothpaste, cleansing spray, and foaming hand soap.

Get even more information with recipes, uses, and cleaning products with essential oils. Purchase products with Thieves oil in them or make your own. Save money making your own or use the convenient pre-made products when using essential oils in any home.

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Thieves Oil at Our House

Apply Thieves oil to feet, chest, throat or wherever needed. Add drops of Thieves Vitality oil to milk, tea or a capsule for ingestion. Young Living Thieves throat lozenges are great too.

It is also fun to apply Thieves Vitality to healthy gums.

This is truly a powerful oil. Be careful how you apply it though. Be sure not to get any in your eyes or ears. It is considered to be a “hot” oil so have a carrier oil available too.

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Use only pure essential oils produced by Young Living. Young Living also takes great care in choosing great seeds, cultivating and weeding by hand, distilling in the purest environment, and providing tracking and pure essential oils that are beneficial for our family.

We don’t have to wonder if our family will be negatively affected with Young Living oils. We know they are pure and produced with the highest standards.

Young Living has over 80 different blends available to their members for purchase at wholesale. They also sell their oils at retail, but who wants to pay retail?

Here’s how we got started with essential oils…

I’m glad to help walk you through the easiest way to get pure oils. Let me know if you want more information on essential oils or blends or follow the directions on the side of this page to get your own wholesale account with an essential oil diffuser, essential oils, samples and starter information.

Pursue wellness with your family by using pure essential oils!