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Thousands of years ago people discovered essential oils, the purified extracts of natural plant liquids produced during growth for their health enhancing properties. Today these oils are used in almost every country of our world and are recognized as providing powerful benefits.

Essential oils can provide support to every system of our body – respiratory, skeletal, endocrine, digestive, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic, urinary, reproductive, and all the senses when applied topically, inhaled, or ingested.

The most popular essential oils are Thieves, lavender, and peppermint. essential oils

There are products that many of us often use that are synthetically mass-produced and are superior to their naturally occurring counterpart. For example, the active ingredient in aspirin is naturally produced within the bark of a willow tree. It was used as early as 400BC by the ancient Romans for pain relief. Since the 1930’s it has been a synthetically manufactured medicine.

However, artificial synthesis is not a best choice or method to produce essential oils. The best method to obtain oils from organic plants is a process that requires a special adaptation of low-temperature low-pressure steam distillation. This best preserves the purity of the natural organic compounds.

It is very important to only use pure therapeutic grade essential oils that do not contain quality reducing additives or chemicals.  Some companies add chemicals or solvents to their oils to make them at lower cost. These additives often reduce quality. As a result, their products can also cause adverse skin reactions or other undesirable side effects, especially to those individuals already having compromised immune systems.

Pure Essential Oils

Producing pure essential oils requires the care and expertise of master distillers. Young Living Essential Oils is the world leader of pure essential oils. To maintain high product quality Young Living owns and maintains the farms where they cultivate and produce oils. Crops are not sprayed with chemicals and all weed control is by hand. Each batch is also rigorously tested to assure product consistency and purity. Young Living goes beyond organic in their farming practices and processing of  oils.pure essential oils

Essential Oils Wholesale

Most companies sell their oils in retail stores, but Young Living offers their oils at the wholesale cost to their members.  People can purchase oils at the retail cost directly from members, but the best way to get oils is to get a membership with wholesale pricing.

Companies that sell their oils at retail spend their marketing dollars advertising and sending sales representatives to stores. Young Living sells their oils at wholesale, spending their marketing dollars rewarding their members for sharing oils with others. Young Living allows anyone to become a member when they purchase an oil starter kit. Check the “Steps to Young Living membership” instructions in the side bar on the right. Or you can contact me directly or schedule a consult.

How to Use Essential Oils

There are three basic ways to use essential oils. First, they can be misted into the air using a vaporizing oil diffuser that plugs into a wall electric outlet. Water and essential oils are added to a well in the diffuser. When the diffuser is turned on, it vaporizes the water and oil mixture as a fine mist that circulates throughout a room.

The second way to use essential oils is by a topical application to the skin, either directly or mixed with carrier oil. Popular carrier oils are olive oil and coconut oil. Both are made from the nuts of trees. They are for diluting essential oils when stronger concentrations aren’t required and to thicken essential oils for skin sensitivity testing. Once it is determined there are no adverse skin reactions a person is able to apply pure therapeutic essential oils directly onto skin.

Most essential oils can also be ingested either by mixing them with water, other ingredients or as part of a vegetable capsule. There are many recipes available that are enjoyed by many people. It is suggested to reference the Essential Oil Desk Reference or obtain advice from a Young Living member as to which oils can be ingested, best methods for ingestion, and the most popular  recipes. essential oil blends

Essential Oil Blends

Essential oil blends are a mix of more than one essential oil. Oil blends like Panaway support muscles and joints. The Thieves oil blend supports the immune system. Many who suffer with anxious thoughts and stress often find greater relief from Stress Away rather than using unblended oils like vanilla or lavender.

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