The only essential oils products I recommend are Young Living essential oils. Not only are they the most pure and potent oils made, they are also the industry leader in essential oils – period! Many hospitals, doctors, and practitioners only use Young Living oils too. They are the only ones I will put on my family.

The company allows you to purchase directly from them for a $40 lifetime membership fee (with a $50 yearly purchase – not hard to do). The best way to get started is to just get the 9 most popular oils. This keeps things simple and gets you a good start on most every ailment that will come your way. As you start using the oils and finding others that you need, you can always order those the next month.

The 9 most popular oils include:






Peace & Calming




If you need more detailed information on what each of these oils does, you can check Introduction to Essential Oils.

The Everyday Oils kit that contains these 9 oils plus and extra lavender and an extra peppermint, is just $150 for the 11 oils plus some samples, DVDs and literature and includes the $40 membership. To get a kit you can just register with the company at or contact me on this blog and I can do it with you on the phone.

Free Oils Every Month – Another feature of this company is that they offer free oils with purchase every month. For every $190 or so (depending on the month) you can get 1 or 2 featured oils for free. Their values are usually between $50-90. This has to be purchased all in one order but is a great way to build up your supply of oils without having to pay for some of them.

Rewards Program – Another great product benefit that you can take advantage of with Young Living is their rewards program. When you set up a monthly account with them set up at least $100, they put anywhere from 10-20% into your rewards account. After just 6 months of ordering this way, I had $200 in my account and only had to pay the shipping cost for those products.

There are many more oils to be discovered, but getting the initial 9 will give you something simple to start with. I also give each person who orders a kit, a free quick reference oils book valued at $16 along with access to a closed facebook group where you can ask questions or read the questions and answers that others have posted. I learn a TON from these people!

Let me know if you have any questions at all about any products not mentioned here and I will write back to you with my best answer.