Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

When thinking “What is Aromatherapy?”, the thought of a good smell and some type of health benefit come to mind.  Aroma relates to smell, but aromatherapy also involves massaging essential oils into the skin. Aromatherapists generally don’t advocate ingesting essential oils.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils come from plants that are steam distilled. The oil from the plants is captured by this steam distillation method and bottled. Essential oils can be inhaled and applied to the body and, in some cases, ingested. The most efficient way to inhale essential oils is to use an essential oil diffuser. A cool mist diffuser that uses purified water and essential oils is best. The water is mixed with the oil and misted into the air and spread around the area.

essential oil diffuser

Some essential oil diffusers use essential oils directly, but most use water with oil for a more economical application. Diffusers that don’t use water still mist essential oil into the air, but they use the oil in the bottle much quicker than those diffusers that use both water and oil.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Many people enjoy the scent that the aromatherapy diffuser emits. Not only is there a good smell, but also a therapeutic effect if pure theraupeutic oils are used. Basically, an essential oil diffuser and aromatherapy diffuser are the same thing. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and a diffuser allows essential oils to be emitted into the air for a good scent and health benefit.

Most diffusers have a small well in them that can be filled with purified water and 4-8 drops of any essential oil. Care should be taken not to add fragrance oils to diffusers as fragrance oils are not pure and can clog or cause an aroma diffuser to not work properly or malfunction in the future.

aromatherapy diffuser

Aromatherapy Oils

Any pure essential oil can be classified as an aromatherapy oil. Smelling lavender oil in a diffuser can help to relieve anxiety and stress and even help restful sleep. Thieves Vitality oil, when ingested, can help support an already healthy body. Cedarwood has a warm woodsy aroma that can create a relaxing and calming atmosphere when diffused.

Many times aromatherapy oils are diluted by an aromatherapist meaning that a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil are added to the essential oil being used. There are various dilutions of essential oils used in aromatherapy ranging anywhere from .5 – 10% dilution. Oils are also used in baths, creams and lotions, for body massage, aromatic spritzers, and steam inhalation.aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapists use essential oils when they meet with clients. There are no licensing or certification programs for aromatherapists although chiropractors, massage therapists and others are trained in aromatherapy techniques.

How to Inhale Essential Oils

Inhale essential oils directly from the bottle, from the hands, from a cotton ball or handkerchief, or from a diffuser. This method is mostly used to help with emotional issues. Using both skin application and inhalation often provide quicker and more potent results.

Essential oils have been used around the world for thousands of years and help support a healthy body. Using pure therapeutic grade essential oils is very important when choosing aromatherapy treatment.

Inhaling and applying essential oils to the body is important in aromatherapy in order to experience the full benefit. Be sure to use pure oils and not fragrance oils when using essential oils because fragrance oils can have added ingredients that can cause undesirable results.

Aromatherapy Recipes

Emotions – Forgiveness oil blend, Acceptance oil blend, Valor II oil blend, Hope oil blend

Mood – Orange essential oil, Joy oil blend, The Gift oil blend

Mental Clarity – Brain Power oil blend, Peppermint oil, Cedarwood oil, or Clarity oil blend

Energizing – En-R-Gee oil blend, Awaken oil blend, or Motivation oil blend

Skeletal support – copaiba oil, Relieve It oil blend, or wintergreen oil

Room refresher – peppermint, spearmint, Christmas Spirit oil blend, or Purification oil blend

Use the above oils and blend in these methods:

Bath – Add 2-3 drops essential oil to bath water as it is filling the tub.

Cream/Lotion – Mix 2-20 drops essential oil to organic coconut oil and apply where needed.

Body Massage – Add 2-10 drops essential oil to carrier oil and use during massage.

Aromatic Spritzer – Add 10-15 drops essential oil to 4 oz bottle filled with purified water. Spray on fabric or in a room where you want a fresh smell.

Diffuse – Add 3-8 drops essential oil to cool mist oil diffuser with purified water if needed. Allow diffuser to run for several hours to provide the desired results.

How fast essential oils get to your brain:

22 seconds – that’s all it takes! Now let’s talk about oil quality. If an oil gets to your brain that fast, what kind of oil do you want to absorb? Do you want to risk absorbing chemicals or additives right into your family’s skin and bloodstream?

Oils distilled improperly or that have chemical additives, can actually be harmful to your family.

Here’s what I do instead:

I love teaching about essential oils and how to use them. I only use Young Living oils though because they are the purest. They are the only company that owns their own farms and has control of the whole process from when the seed goes in the ground to when the bottle of oil gets sealed. I don’t want any funky ingredients in things that my family will be applying or ingesting.

There is no rating system for essential oils:

Since US labeling laws allow for a label to say “100% pure” and the oil only has to be 5% pure, I know that I have to take matters into my own hands when it comes to finding safe products for my family. If an oil is not pure or very potent, people need to know that they will probably have to buy 3-4 times more oil to get the same effect as one bottle of Young Living oil (and then hope it doesn’t have any chemicals in it).

I’m very frugal and even though another bottle of oil may look cheaper, I know that not only will I possibly compromise my family’s health because of chemicals that could be in it, but I also know that I would need to buy more oil. That is not very frugal!

My frugal plan:

Buy the best oils from the purest company – Young Living. I got the $300 member (not customer) kit for $160 which gave me over 900 drops of the most popular oils PLUS a diffuser I could use in our home so all of us could breathe in these great oils.


I order oils at wholesale directly from Young Living whenever we need them. I buy them every month so I can take part in their free oils plan (Essential Rewards), but you don’t have to buy every month. Just get oils when you need them.

Follow these instructions:

If you would like to learn more about oils and how to get Young Living oils at the cheapest price, either follow the instructions on the right side of this page and go to or contact me and I’ll guide you every step of the way.

PLUS, I provide lots of support and help once you are a member with reference material, Q&A help, and samples mailed to you.

No one has ever told me they regretted purchasing their YL Premium Starter Kit! What are you waiting for? Write to me and tell me your concerns. Get started today!

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