How to Use Essential Oils

When thinking about how to use essential oils, the first point I want to clarify is that you make¬† sure that you are only using pure therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living. The recommendations I am making here cannot be used with any other types of oils. It’s just not safe for your health. Now that we have how to use essential oilsthat out of the way, we can get to some directions that will help you.

I always thought that carrier and essential oils could only be used in recipes and occasionally on the skin. There are three basic ways to use essential oils and I will outline them here for you.

1. Apply to the Skin – If you are just starting out with essential oils or are applying them on a child, you’ll probably want to use a carrier oil with it like olive oil, coconut oil or V-6. Young Living essential oils are pretty potent so a little bit goes a long way. The usual dilution rate is 50-50, so if you use a drop of carrier oil, you mix it with a drop of essential oil.

Anywhere you have inflammation, pain, a burn, sore, or any other issue, you can apply oils there. The main reason why people think that oils don’t work is that they don’t apply enough and don’t apply them often enough. We’re so used to taking prescriptions twice a day, but with oils we can’t overdose on them so they can be applied every half hour if we want.

Start by applying oils 3 times a day and see what that does for you. If it doesn’t take care of the issue you are having, then, chances are, you need to apply them more often.

2. Smell or Diffuse Them – Smelling oils can also be very therapeutic. For example, sniffing peppermint oil can help reduce your appetite if you smell it before a meal. Smelling Peace and Calming can help you relax or get through a stressful situation.

Diffusing is a little bit different process than just smelling oils. If you have an oil diffuser, you can put oil into it and allow the smell to waft throughout your house.

Basically, the diffuser breaks the oil down into even smaller particles and allows you to smell them for a longer period of time. If you just shook a bottle of oil into the air, the oil particles would just fall to the floor. A diffuser allows the oils to be lighter than air and drift around the room.

When family members are sick, diffusers are great to have around because they not only help the sick person feel better, they can also help protect the well person(s)  from catching the illness. Oils like Thieves blend, lemon, lavender, and Immupower blend are just a few oils that can be used in a diffuser when someone is sick.

3. Take Them Internally in a Capsule – This may sound like a crazy thing to do, but it is perfectly safe to take Young Living oils in a clear capsules and ingest them. You can’t make them up ahead of time though because the oil will probably melt or destroy the gel capsule if you let it sit around too long.

I took 2 drops of peppermint oil in a gel capsule when I felt a bout of the stomach flu coming on and was able to totally avoid it. Taking capsules with oils in them can be used for all kinds of ailments, pain, and diseases. Check the Essential Oils Desk Reference for specific oils and recipes of what to use with each ailment.

I hope that has given you a good idea of how to use essential oils. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on this site.