Confused about Essential Oils?

If you’re confused about essential oils and just don’t know where to start, then I recommend you start somewhere. The more you use essential oils, the more you will gain experience and knowledge. Using a good desk reference tools helps tremendously, but if you don’t have any oils in your hands, you can’t use them.

If you have Young Living oils already, do you have the Everyday Oils Kit? If you only have one or two oils, you will be frustrated and confused and possibly think that oils don’t work. Even if someone lives alone, the 10 everyday oils are essential to have in your medicine cabinet. If someone has a family, then these oils will probably be used every day like they are in our house.

Benefits to Membership:

  • Purchase oils at 24% off
  • Eligible to earn free oils with purchase each month
  • Eligible to take advantage of Essential Rewards – Young Living’s rebate program. You earn 10-20% of your purchase in free products each month.
  • Access to Scan Days in Greenwich – Zyto scan machine is a great tool we use to help people know how to get their bodies back in balance with oils (see link down the side of this page). It’s a 5 minute hand scan that is very accurate!
  • Access to private Facebook group where you can ask questions and see questions and answers to lots of oils questions posted.
  • Free Quick Reference Guide to Using Essential Oils ($25 value) with Premium Kit purchase.

I thought I would create a post on how to get these 10 Everyday Oils along with the oil blend Stress Away which everyone can use. Maybe you have been to the website and just don’t really know what to get and where to start, so here you go:

Young Living Website Link – Go Here

You will see this website (no need to be confused) :

young living enroll


The sponsor and enroller info should be filled in for you, so you don’t have to worry about that part.

Then you add your personal information which should be fairly easy:

young living websiteHere is where you enter your email address and website access information. The username and password guidelines are to the right of each of those. Just pick a username and password you will remember and be sure to write it down! When you go to to place another order in the future, you will need these!

The 4 digit pin # is needed only for when you call the company. They will ask for this before they will talk about your account with you. If you decide to call the company for a future order, you’ll need this pin # on the phone with the rep.

young living pin

Now for the fun part! You get to pick your kit. The 10 everyday oils that I recommend are in the Premium Starter Kit. Now the premium kit also includes a free diffuser! This was not available when I enrollled, so you are very fortunate to have this option. The Basic Starter Kit only has a bottle of Stress Away and some sample oils with a starter book. ┬áThe Premium Starter Kit is really the best value, but it’s up to you. You get 11 oils, samples, starter book, and home diffuser! Plus with a Premium Starter Kit you also get a free Quick Reference Guide to Using Essential Oils book from me ($25 value).

young living kits

This is the area where you can choose an Essential Rewards Kit that will come every month. This is part of Young Living’s rebate program although you can choose any products you want and can change it at any time up to your order date. This program also has reduced shipping. Oh, how I hate to pay shipping costs! Reduced shipping and a rebate are a great way to save on oils. If you don’t want to join this program right now, just click on “No Thank You” and move on.

young living essential rewardsThen you can add your credit card information. I always choose the “Ship Together and Maximize Discounts” option.

young living oils

You’re almost done! Just check the box to agree to the Distributor Agreement. You’ll be able to confirm your order and I think there are options for shipping. I always choose the 3-5 day shipping since it takes a whole week to get to my house from Utah, but the regular shipping is good too. Once you confirm, you will receive an email.

young living signup

Let me know if you have any questions or problems by contacting me on my Contact Page. Welcome to Young Living and a great team!

Having this selection of oils in your hands will help you no longer be confused about essential oils. You will have the oils you need for almost any ailment that will come your way. You have the support of people who know what they are doing and are willing to answer all your questions. I’ve been using these oils for over a year and I still learn new things almost every day. When you start using oils, you will find out how powerful pure oils are and that you don’t have to be confused anymore. The important step is to get oils and start applying them on your skin and diffusing them!