Can You Ingest Essential Oils?

Some people have asked me “Can you ingest essential oils?” Although most essential oils that are sold in the stores state on the bottle, “Do not ingest,” Young Living therapeutic essential oils are pure and have a line of oils labeled for ingestion.


Why can you ingest pure therapeutic grade oils?

Young Living oils are therapeutic grade A oils and are produced so that they are pure. Although applying oils to the skin and inhaling them can be beneficial, sometimes ingesting the oils is even more effective. The Vitality line of Young Living oil labels say that they can be taken internally.

People can put a drop or two of essential oils into milk to drink or drop into empty gel capsules and swallow. Empty gel capsules can be purchased from Young Living; 250 capsules for $9.87 retail.

There are 2 basic dosages for capsules. There is a “00” size which would contain a 400mg dose when filled with a 50-50 dilution. There is also a “0” size capsule which contains a 200 mg does when filled with a 50-50 dilution of oil. If “0” capsules are not available, someone could fill a “00” capsule 1/2 full.

Other ways to ingest essential oils . . .

Other ways to take oils internally include adding it to rice milk or goats milk. Someone can also add essential oils to Blue Agave nectar or Grade B maple syrup.

Many times when someone is applying essential oils to the skin or inhaling them and they are not seeing results, ingesting oils can give them the boost that they need. Vitality 0ils can help boost the immune system, promote oral health, and even help breath smell better. Use your reference books to help you know when to ingest essential oils and how use them on your family!

Essential Oils Wholesale

Most companies sell their oils in retail stores, but Young Living offers their oils at the wholesale cost to their members.

People can purchase oils at the retail cost directly from members, but the best way to get oils is to get a membership and then be able to purchase oils at the wholesale cost.

Companies that sell their oils at retail spend their marketing dollars advertising and sending sales representatives to stores. Young Living sells their oils at wholesale, spending their marketing dollars rewarding their members for sharing oils with others.

Young Living allows anyone to become a member when they purchase an oil starter kit. Check the “Steps to Young Living membership” instructions in the side bar on the right if you want to purchase Young Living oils at wholesale too, or just contact me and I will walk you through every step and help you learn how to use oils.