Are Hot Flashes Really Necessary?

I learned some information recently that made me ask, “Are hot flashes really necessary?” It turns out that hot flashes are really just a precursor to a heart attack because during a hot flash our arteries are inflamed! When our bodies have hot flashes they experience a wave of inflammation in the arteries that is similar to the wave of inflammation that occurs during a heart attack. If you have done any reading on health lately, you know that inflammation in the body is never a good thing.

I had never heard this hormoneinformation about hot flashes before so I wanted to let all my friends know this! Tell your friends that they don’t need or want their bodies to go through this! If you think about the age that you usually hear of a woman having a heart attack, it’s often someone in their 50s; right around the height of menopause for most women. Why has no one spelled this out before?

What is the cause of hot flashes?

The basic cause or root is low progesterone. Many people think that the answer to this problem is to just go to their doctor and get a pill to raise this, but that’s now really what our bodies are asking for. Our bodies need to address the symptom of a hot flash at the root with natural progesterone. When you use natural progesterone you don’t have to count days or worry about the side effects of long term medication usage.

Since I know that essential oils are powerful, I only recommend the natural progesterone oil blend called Progessence Plus (bottom of page) produced by Young Living.

How to use Natural Progesterone:

With the new FDA regulations, I am no longer allowed to tell you how I use progessence oil. I do encourage you to look up hormones in the Essential Oil Desk Reference and it will give you some guidelines on how to use this great product.

While you are waiting for the Progessence Plus to kick in, use Young Living’s therapeutic grade peppermint oil to cool the changes in your body in just a few minutes.

Other benefits of natural progesterone: cools arteries, endocrine balancing, aids in weight balance, decreases monthly skin breakouts in younger women, elevates mood, helps you sleep better, and helps alleviate occasional nervous irritability.

The P4 in Progessence Plus is NOT equivalent to synthetic progesterone. Even if something is “bio-identical” as stated with some synthetic progesterone, it is still a chemical! Young Living uses P4 that is molecularly identical to human progesterone you make in your body and is super micronized for tiny particle size for better absorption.

You can order Progessence Plus and Peppermint Oil from Young Living at my website (choose wholesale or retail at top of page). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to order these oils at the wholesale cost instead of retail.