Introduction to Essential Oils

I have been teaching Introduction to Essential Oils classes since July 2012 after I was first introduced to therapeutic grade oils. Using the oils has opened up a whole new world for me. I have always been interested in natural methods and alternative medicine, but never really felt like I could find something that really worked well for all ages.

Basically, essential oils are the life force of a plant. I know I sound new-agey, but think about what happens when you cut into a plant. You see stuff oozing out. Plants, petals, and flowers have liquid life running through them and man has figured out a way to harness that life. There is a reason that essential oils are mentioned over 1000 times in the Bible. That’s a whole lot more times than “money” and a lot of other words that we think are important.

When people start out with oils I recommend that they look at the 9 most common oils first. They should get familiar with those and use them a lot on themselves and their family members. Once they see how they can be used, then they can move on to other oils without getting too overwhelmed.

lavender essential oil

Here are the 9 most common oils and what we use them for at our house:

Single oils – Just one oil in these bottles
Lemon – Mental clarity, clearing up colds and sinuses, for cleaning and disinfecting

Lavender – Anxiety & Insomnia, allergies, burns (sun & heat), cuts
Peppermint (my all time favorite oil!) – Headaches, fever, concentration, digestion, nausea

Blends – These are a combination of oils specially formulated in one bottle
Frankincense – Anxiety, scarring, anti-aging, depression relief
Valor – Anxiety, stress, fear, back or muscle pain
Thieves – Immune booster, mold, teeth and gum issues, sore throats & strep, fevers

Panaway – Inflammation, aches & pains, cramping, joint pain
Peace & Calming – Stress, hyperactivity, insomnia, fear, anxiety
Purification – Insect repellant, insect bites, pet odors, scalp itching relief

If you are thinking about starting to use therapeutic grade essential oils at your house, I would strongly recommend that you use only Young Living essential oils. They are the industry leader since they have been around for years and have their own organic farms that have not used chemicals for 50 years. Most other oils can not be consumed and have expiration dates. There is a reason these oils are safe for babies all the way up to the elderly.

For more product information, you can check out some of the videos here. When you purchase there, you will have access to a private facebook group where you can post questions about any oils or ailments you may have. If you purchase your oils elsewhere, you lose the chance to have access to this very knowledgeable group.

If you have any questions about any of the oil information mentioned here in this introductions the essential oils, feel free to contact me at the “Ask a Question” tab above.