5 Ways Essential Oils have Changed My Life

Here are my thoughts on 5 ways essential oils have changed my life. I hope these thoughts encourage others to investigate how oils can help them with their life and health too.

Essential oils for health

  1. I realize I have other options besides the remedies I had been using and that oils work faster. Up until now, I used homeopathics and herbs to help with various ailments when I didn’t want to tax our bodies with medications. When you find something that works well, works fast, and has no side effects, why would you have a need to use anything else?
  2. I realized that essential oils support every system of the body and promote wellness better than anything else I have used. This is such a liberating feeling to be able to simplify our life and wellness. Essential oils support essential oils our overall health.  We use them so often that we store them in a drawer in our kitchen so that each member of our family can have them readily available.
  3. Essential oils have helped me realize the emotional roots of pain and illness. This could take quiet a while to explain, but for now, you just have to trust me that Young Living oils have helped us with emotional issues. Sometimes these emotional issues were caused by an imbalance in our bodies and sometimes they were from an event. Either way, when essential oils are applied, they immediately start working to balance the body in whatever area is needed.
  4. I have always liked helping people with health issues. Now I have a simple way to show people how they can use oils to improve their life and health. I’ve been able to help people over the years, but now I can help even more people with even quicker results in most cases. People seem to be more open to using essential oils than herbs because they don’t have to wait quite as long to see results. Essential oils are 100-10,000 times more potent than herbs, so you can see why the results can be quicker. Many people are also not getting results for their ailments with conventional medicine. So many are dealing with emotional instability, muscle aches, joint discomfort, and unexplained illnesses that are just not getting any better. When I share how essential oils have helped us, many of those people are seeing results too. It IS a step of faith to use oils, but is well worth the step. I’ve never had anyone tell me that they regretted using oils.
  5. I have been able to get rid of even more harmful chemicals in our home. I’ve always know that chemical cleaners and many of our personal care products were bad for us, but I just didn’t find good alternatives in the natural market. The natural cleaners didn’t clean as well and the personal care products weren’t really effective either. Now with the Thieves Cleaner and toothpaste and the recipes I use with essential oils for deodorant, hand soap, and shampoo, our lives have really been enriched. These items work just as well, if not better than regular store brands and they are much safer for us.

Here’s more about my journey with essential oils:

If you would like to know more about how to use Young Living oils to help change your life in a positive way, feel free to contact me or read the post at Confused about Essential Oils?

I want to mention that I ONLY use Young Living oils. Over 95% of essential oils on the market have been adulterated in some way. According to the labeling laws in the United States, a label can say “100% pure” and only be 5% pure. I know it’s aggravating, but that’s how things are here.

I don’t want to apply oils that have chemicals in them or that are diluted in any way. My family is too valuable to me to risk this. I want to use essential oils that are as close to how God designed them as possible. That is why Young Living therapeutic grade oils are only oils that will be used in our home.

Here’s the deal:

You can get essential oils in lots of places, but not all oils are created equal.

This is your family we are talking about:

Your skin is your largest organ and essential oils applied to your skin are fully absorbed in 26 seconds. Do you want to risk absorbing chemicals or additives right into your family’s skin and blood stream?

Here’s what I do instead:

I love teaching about essential oils and how to use them. I only use Young Living oils though because they are the purest. They are the only company that owns their own farms and has control of the whole process from when the seed goes in the ground to when the bottle of oil gets sealed. I don’t want any funky ingredients in things that my family will be applying or ingesting.

There is no rating system for essential oils:

Since US labeling laws allow for a label to say “100% pure” and the oil only has to be 5% pure, I know that I have to take matters into my own hands when it comes to finding safe products for my family. If an oil is not pure or very potent, people need to know that they will probably have to buy 3-4 times more oil to get the same effect as one bottle of Young Living oil.

I’m very frugal and even though another bottle of oil may look cheaper, I know that not only will I possibly compromise my family’s health because of chemicals that could be in it, but I also know that I would need to buy more oil. That is not very frugal!

My frugal plan:

Buy the best oils from the purest company – Young Living. I got the $375 member (not customer) kit for $160 which gave me over 900 drops of the most popular oils PLUS a diffuser I could use in our home so all of us could breathe in these great oils.


I order oils at wholesale directly from Young Living whenever we need them. I buy them every month so I can take part in their free oils plan (Essential Rewards), but you don’t have to buy every month. Just get oils when you need them.

Follow these instructions:

If you would like to learn more about oils and how to get Young Living oils at the cheapest price, either follow these instructions or contact me and I’ll guide you every step of the way.


To get Young Living oils,  go towww.getpureoils.com and follow these steps:

Step 1 – choose “member” (NOT “customer”) and fill in required info with ID #1342358 in both spaces, (they should already be filled in)
Step 2 – choose “premium starter kit”
Step 3 – choose “no thank you” at the bottom of that section unless you want to be in the rewards program with an order each month.

Then just follow the shipping and payment info and you’re done.


I provide lots of support and help once you are a member with reference material, Q&A help, and samples mailed to you.

No one has every told me they regretted purchasing their YL Premium Starter Kit! What are you waiting for? Write to me and tell me your concerns. Then get started today!